Novel method for removing iron rust on steel device

Novel technique for eliminating iron rust on steel gadget by utilizing concentrated hydrochloric corrosive or concentrated sulfuric acidThe present creation connects with a clever strategy for eliminating rust by concentrated hydrochloric corrosive or concentrated sulphuric corrosive. iron rust remover Urea is added to the hydrochloric corrosive or the sulphuric corrosive, or adding ammonium sulfate to the sulphuric corrosive to eliminate the rust on the steel. The technique just consumes hydrochloric corrosive or sulphuric corrosive rather than the urea or the ammonium sulfate, however assumes a part of inhibitor in keeping corrosive fog from occurring, and decreasing erosion of the corrosive to press self. At the point when the corrosive is nearly spent, the concentrated hydrochloric corrosive or the concentrated sulphuric corrosive is provided again and again, rust evacuation can be performed ceaselessly. The technique enjoys the benefits of non corrosive fog contamination, little corrosive utilization, harm counteraction of the rust eliminated steel and helpful activity. The earlier hydrochloric corrosive or sulphuric corrosive rust evacuation technique is changed to a most progressive novel strategy. Assuming a component which is exposed to rust evacuation by the strategy is dunked in a phosphoric corrosive thiourea rust eliminating fluid, an enemy of rust phosphate covering is produced on the outer layer of the component, so the dose of rust inhibitor is diminished to least, and cost for hostile to rust is reduced.Remove the clever technique for the iron rust on the iron and steel gadget with the concentrated hydrochloric corrosive or the nastiness oil
Hydrochloric corrosive or sulfuric corrosive are modern customary rust-eliminating specialist for iron and steel.Low cost is in liberal supply.But following weakness is organized:
1, hydrochloric corrosive or sulfuric corrosive can deliver a lot of air pocket hydrogens with steel impact itself while rust cleaning, bring corrosive into ethereal development corrosive fog, truly contaminated air;
2, hydrochloric corrosive or sulfuric corrosive erosion metallic surface make it coarse, and further handling is added to the troubles;
3, going before two weaknesses increment corrosive utilization, the rust tidying cost up.
The current creation gives the clever technique for eliminating the iron rust on the iron and steel gadget with the concentrated hydrochloric corrosive or the bitterness oil for forestalling the age of above deficiency up slope and dale.
One, the reference important with the current creation
Current age is specialized to have proposed numerous strategies with antirust for iron rust cleaning.The technique applicable with the current innovation as: with Ureaphil rust cleaning, see Deutsches Wirtschafts Patent: Ger (East) D, D, 152,940.With Ureaphil, urea hydrochloride and the rust cleaning of hostile blending arrangements, as Poland Patent Pol, pl, 171,752.These licensed advancements are that rust wiping is completed at the same time with phosphatization to the iron and steel gadget.
List wipes out rust with urea hydrochloride or ureasulfuric corrosive, isn’t seen in report.And in concentrated hydrochloric corrosive, add urea; Or add urea or ammonium sulfate in the nastiness oil, and make rust cleaning fluid, the continually extra then, at that point, concentrated hydrochloric corrosive or the hostility oil are taken out the rust on the iron and steel, and forestall to frame corrosive fog, forestall that gadget is eroded, and lessen hydrochloric corrosive or bitter utilization, then never are found in archive.
Two, extreme standard of the current innovation
The current development is to concentrated hydrochloric corrosive, or adds urea in the nastiness oil, or adds ammonium sulfate in the disdain oil, eliminates the rust on the iron and steel gadget, and its structure up responses is separately:
(NH 2) 2CO+HCl===(NH 2) 2CO·HCl (1)
(NH 2) 2CO+H 2SO 4===(NH 2) 2CO·H 2SO 4(2)
(NH 4) 2SO 4+H 2SO 4===2NH 4HSO 4(3)
The rust cleaning response is separately:
6(NH 2) 2CO·HCl+Fe 2O 3===6(NH 2) 2CO+2FeCl 3+3H 2O 4)
3(NH 2) 2CO·H 2SO 4+Fe 2O 3===Fe 2(SO 4) 3+3H 2O+3(NH 2) 2CO (5)
6NH 4HSO 4+Fe 2O 3===Fe 2(SO 4) 3+3(NH 4) 2SO 4+3H 2O (6)
From above response (1), (4), the urea that when manufactured rust remover, adds, while rust cleaning again from (NH 2) 2Dissociate out among the COHCl, and the fair focused hydrochloric corrosive that rust cleaning consumes.From response (2), (5), what rust cleaning polished off is sulfuric corrosive similarly, and urea is by free.What can figure out rust cleaning utilization from (3), (6) is sulfuric corrosive likewise, and ammonium sulfate doesn’t consume.This shows, make up this three sorts of derusting strategies, be really with hydrochloric corrosive or sulphuric corrosive rust evacuation technique with urea hydrochloride, ureasulfuric corrosive, sulfuric corrosive ammonium sulfate.Because during rust cleaning, when the compound rust remover in the rust cleaning fluid that is blended in with is drained to when comparable by response recipe (4), (5), (6), need just recharge and add the concentrated hydrochloric corrosive or the nastiness oil, they will be joined into compound rust remover by response equation (1), (2), (3) with urea or the ammonium sulfate that separates, and the rust cleaning response simply proceeds to accelerate.So in entire rust cleaning process, renew concentrated hydrochloric corrosive or sulfuric corrosive by stages, and starting urea or the ammonium sulfate that adds will remain always, on the other hand exists with free or intensify state.Because the presence of urea or ammonium sulfate, make in the deruster in the wake of recharging concentrated corrosive, by far most still happens with combination or corrosive salt structure, and that the grouping of free corrosive all keeps whenever is extremely low, and must be moved right extra by response equation (1), (2), (3).Preferential and the iron rust response of lower areas of strength for fixation meeting, and don’t erode iron itself.
That is: Fe+2HCl → H 2+ 2FeCl 2
Fe+H 2SO 4→H 2+FeSO 4
With rare.Steel are not eroded this way, and hydrogen doesn’t occur, and don’t deliver bubble, have simply stoped corrosive fog arrangement, have decreased hydrochloric corrosive or hostile utilization.
We accentuate ” thick ” word, on the grounds that by response instrument, don’t fortify the convergence of free corrosive with concentrated acid.And renew by and large volume extension that concentrated corrosive creates rust cleaning fluid can be too not soon, too huge, it is too interesting that fixation can not diminish, and can’t proceed to utilize, and makes urea and ammonium sulfate give full play with its impact.
While recharging concentrated corrosive, can review the pH of rust cleaning fluid whenever with the pH test paper.When pH ascends to 1.0-2.0, expeditiously renew concentrated corrosive.
During with this clever technique, should add some nonionic surface dynamic specialist and oppose to build effect.The utilized nonionic surface dynamic specialist of the current creation is the coconut oil alkylamide; Oppose is benzo three (nitrogen) azoles.If while requiring no longer to get corroded, can soak phosphoric corrosive right away – – in the thiocarbamide rust security fluid, speedily structure the antirust phosphating film.With the rust cleaning prior of this original strategy, upper defensive film once more, the rust assurance fluid of the worth exorbitance that consumes at the same time than rust cleaning and film framing can be decreased to least degree.The lip-profound rust cleaning of iron and steel gear and antirust prior to being the most ideal for japanning and splashing paint.
Since urea, ammonium sulfate, hydrochloric corrosive, sulfuric corrosive are nontoxic, behind the rust cleaning releasing of waste fluid, can further develop the soil.Non-optional contamination issue of the current creation.
Three, execution step of the current development
Strategy one, use in hydrochloric corrosive and to add urea and make rust cleaning fluid, and afterward continually renew concentrated hydrochloric corrosive and take out rust
A, put into the hydrochloric corrosive of 4-8N in the lake to rust cleaning;
B, in the hydrochloric corrosive of this 4-8N, add the urea with the HCl same;
C, add 0.1% nonionic surface dynamic specialist once more, add a limited quantity of oppose in the event of need;
D, rust cleaning start and will take out rust in the band rust part submersion lake;
E, slack-off when the speed of rust cleaning, the pH of rust cleaning fluid ascents at 2.0 o’clock from 0.5, the denseest hydrochloric corrosive of extra adding, the corrosive measure of adding is the 1/3-1/2 that a stage is utilized to set up the utilized concentrated hydrochloric corrosive aggregate sum of 4-8N hydrochloric corrosive;
F, rust cleaning are continued;
The working system of g, redundancy e-f renews concentrated hydrochloric corrosive over and over, continually dispenses with rust;
H, in the wake of rehashing how frequently from the activity of e-f, the alcohol limit in the rust cleaning lake turns out to be too large, when fixation turns out to be excessively uncommon and excessively messy, it is released on the spot;
The rust cleaning of I, continuation starting a-I.
Technique two, in sulfuric corrosive, add urea and be made into rust cleaning fluid, continually renew around 98% the poison oil then, at that point, be utilized to eliminate iron rust
A, the bitterness oil and urea with 98% by and so on mole proportion be blended and made into the strong ureasulfuric corrosive;
B, dissolvable in water with this ureasulfuric corrosive of making is blended in with 2-6N ureasulfuric corrosive rust cleaning fluid;
The nonionic surface dynamic specialist of c, adding 0.1%;
D, rust cleaning starting, and continually do;
E, when the pH worth of rust cleaning fluid while ascending to 1.0-2.0 by 0.5, renew the poison oil of adding 98%.The corrosive measure of recharging is the 1/3-1/2 of utilized 98% hostility oil when 1 stage making ureasulfuric corrosive;
F, rust cleaning are continued;
G, reiteration e-f step are recharged the nastiness oil over and over, and continually rust cleaning;
H, releasing while rust cleaning fluid turns out to be exceptionally messy;
I, restart the step of a-h.
Strategy three, be consolidated into rust cleaning fluid, continually renew the technique that the nastiness oil is taken out iron rust then with sulfuric corrosive and sulfuric corrosive amine
A, get equimola

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